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Compressing an image to a specific file size, such as 20 KB, depends on various factors including the image content, format, and resolution. Here are a few general steps you can follow, but keep in mind that the achieved file size may vary:
  1. Use Online Tools:
    • There are several online image compression tools available that allow you to upload an image and compress it to a specific size. Websites like TinyPNG,, and ImageOptim are popular choices.
    • Visit one of these websites, upload your image, and choose the compression options to target a file size of 20 KB.


  2. Image Editing Software:
    • Use image editing software like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or others.
    • Open your image and choose the "Save for Web" or "Export" option.
    • Adjust the quality settings until you achieve the desired file size.


  3. Command Line Tools:
    • For more advanced users, you can use command-line tools like ImageMagick.
    • Here is an example command using ImageMagick in the terminal:
      convert input.jpg -strip -interlace Plane -quality 85% -resize 50% output.jpg
      Adjust the quality and resize parameters based on your needs.


How can I convert PNG to JPG for free?

You can convert PNG to JPG for free using various online tools and software. Here are a few methods:

Online Tools:


  1. Convertio:
    • Visit the Convertio website.
    • Upload your PNG file.
    • Choose JPG as the output format.
    • Click "Convert" and download the converted file.


  2. OnlineConvert:


  3. Image Online Convert:

Using Software:


  1. GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program):
    • Download and install GIMP from 
    • Open your PNG file with GIMP.
    • Click on File > Export As.
    • Choose the file type as JPEG and adjust settings as needed.
    • Click Export.


  2. IrfanView:
    • Download and install IrfanView from 
    • Open your PNG file with IrfanView.
    • Click on File > Save As.
    • Choose JPEG as the file type and adjust settings if necessary
    • Click Save.

    Image compression sites are online tools used to reduce the size of image files without significantly affecting their quality. These tools are useful for improving website performance and reducing loading time, especially in the case of large images.

    The business model for image compression sites usually includes the following steps:


    1. Upload Image: Allows the user to upload the image he wishes to compress.
    2. Image Compression: Image compression algorithms are used to reduce file size without significant loss in quality. This includes compressing the data, changing the resolution, or taking advantage of other techniques to reduce the size.
    3. Download Zip Image: The zip image is provided for the user to download.
    4. Additional options: Some image compression sites may provide additional options such as changing the image format or adjusting the compression level.

    Some popular sites that offer image compression services include TinyPNG,, and JPEG-Optimizer. Make sure you choose a site that meets your needs and be sure to review the privacy settings and terms of use of the site you are using.